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Air on g-strings



New challenge

Is it possible to go from this stage (not the player’s, but the song):

…to this:

…in a couple of months?

I’m giving it a shot. After all, a cello is just a bigger, upright viola right?

I’ve never ever heard of a group with too many violas. Except the one I’m in. Two or three violins and two violas…

Thus I’m trying to teach myself to play the cello.

Street musicians

Street musicians can be a right pain in the ass.

You know, the man standing just beneath your window, playing the same tune for eight hours running, and never one single time it’s flawless. More on the terrible side than anything else.

You can’t pay him to stop playing, because then he’ll probably start playing someplace else. Or beneath your window the next day, andĀ for the rest of the summer.

All these people with a great variety of instruments, and hardly one of them can play them. It’s quite depressive.

But there is a ray of hope. I was sitting on a bench in Freiburg, Germany, a beautiful April day in 2009.
Across the street was a Musician.
You might need to turn the volume up a bit, because street noise and my mobile phone doesn’t match all that well.

When I want to break a violin, or an accordion, or maybe a flute, and then declare that all music performances in the street is from this day prohibited, I remember this version of Toccata and Fugue, and wait patiently for the next golden glimt.


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