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A guess

You might think you know
What’s going on
In the mind of a friend
But unless they confirm your assumptions
It’s nothing more than a guess
In the end


Five minutes

Stars shining bright
Rain pouring down
Stars shining again


We’re all alone.
Everybody leaves.
Some now.
Others in a while.
But in the end,
Everybody stands alone.

Coffee poetry



Is there really a point in talking

When everything you want to say

Is already said by someone else?

People’s poet

From Up on Poppy hill

A really beautiful film,
in every single way.
Go see it, I say.
Go see it!


The loo that was


Once upon a time
It was open
For those in need

Now it’s locked
Wants to serve

The loo that was


I don’t believe you
Not even one bit
Every word you’re speaking
Is covered in shit


Nothing unusual
All in its place
All except one familiar face

His head in his hands
He knows it is true
The girl they just found was you

What did you think?
How did you feel?
You never even told him a part of the deal.

Too pretend all is fine
When your world is falling apart?!
It should be so easy to share from the start

All of the plans
Was a great big fat lie
You kept talking like living, but you wanted to die

I hope you just once had in mind
All of those you left behind
In shock and pain and agony

Even if he misses you like hell
Mixed with sorrow, bleak and pale
Is the ugly feeling of betrayal


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