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An open fan-rant – or something like that

Okay, I’ve said it before, but maybe not clearly enough;
I’m an #EvilRegal, and Regina is Queen!

Now, that’s out of the way.

For the first three seasons of Once Upon a Time, I didn’t snoop around tumblr, twitter and other sites where fans gather and adore their ships, bash their anti-whatevers and just hang around chatting. I was happily living in my bubble where Regina was the centre of attention, and all the action, the stories and, you know, everything, should be about her.

I was oblivious to the fact that anybody would find the Charmings and Emma even remotely interesting or worth casting a second glance at. I find them so utterly annoying and self-righteous that I want to roll my eyes and go away.

Why?  When I whined about my favourites being repeatedly beaten and ripped of happiness to my mother, she just patted me on the head (through the phone) and said, that’s life for those who root for Sylvester instead of Pip, or Wild E. Coyote instead of Roadrunner. I’m doomed.

I’ve tried to find redeeming qualities in Snow, Emma and Charming. I find a few. Most in Snow. And yet, they all annoy me to no end after a couple of episodes – or less.

However, I don’t really hate any of the characters. Not with an “I’m totally repulsed”-ire. I just can’t be bothered. That’s how I feel about ships I don’t board too. They might sail alongside mine, or sink behind, or fly up in the sky. That’s not my ship, and I’ll keep swabbing the decks on mine, minding my own business.

Maybe I’m just to lazy. At the moment my mind is too preoccupied with the heartbreak and total injustice of the way they treated Robin.

I’m going back to my fluffy fan-cave now.


Fanfiction 2

All is not well in the world of Once Upon a Time when the Emu publishes fanfiction.

Not at all!

Worst ending ever!

Yes, I’m hideously late in catching up on tv-shows.
Usually, I don’t mind what writers do in the finales, but the writers are not usually directly cruel!

I hate how How I Met Your Mother ended.
I wish I didn’t see the last hour-long episode.

Poor beaver.

The Beaver Song

One Piece Opening 6

Just because sometimes it’s easier to escape in a bubble that to solve a puzzle.

My OUAT OTP is happening!!

Because I’m not going to spoil anything in this blasted little blog today, I’m going to rewatch certain scenes from Once Upon A Time episode 8 season 4 again and again. Good thing youtube isn’t a tape. It would have snapped.

I’m silently cheering for my OTP (OMG -I’m using an abbreviation!) and am perfectly satisfied with how things are at the moment. I’ll live for the next two weeks.


DuckTales Theme Song

With real ducks!

Yes, I’m smiling 🙂

On season finales

I’m glad I chose to watch the last episodes of the ninth season of Bones now, rather than when it aired.
Though, I’m not as upset as I was at the end of the eight season.
Or the fourth season of Lost Girl.
Or third of Once Upon a Time.

QI – “Because it is!”

A little something on lines and columns:


I take my evil laughter out for very special occasions only.
Like when I’m watching Game of Thrones.
Especially episode 2 season 4!



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