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“50.000 Matches Chain Reaction Domino Effect”

I’m loving this 🤩


Home at last

There is nothing like being a coach potato after a stressful week.

And best of all, I got my friend-fix (is that a word?) today. It’s been to long when I dream that I haven’t seen her and I’m deeply saddened.

Smala Sussie feat. Pölsa – Newfound lover

I’m late to every party, and now I’ve crashed the Scandinavian film and television party.

I’m hooked on this song from Smala Sussie (Slim Sussie), written and performed by Tuva Novotny.

Putting back the drawstring in a pointe shoe

Sometimes it’s fun to pretend to be something I’m not. At the moment, that’s being a ballet dancer.

I got my first pair of pointe shoes a couple of years ago, and though I can walk in them and stand en pointe, I can’t dance very well.

The first pair is worn out, and when one of the drawstrings said bye-bye, I bought a new pair. I prepared them, and didn’t look at them for a year. In the meantime, one of the drawstrings had retracted. I grumbled.

Now I need the shoes, so if I didn’t want to buy a new shoe, the drawstring had to be put back where it belongs. The internet is not very helpful. The only tip I got was a girl whose mother had succeeded with a bobby pin. I tried, but either my bobby pins are too big or I’m just to incompetent.

I had to make myself dinner, and asked my genius brother of he could think of something useful while I cooked. This is what he came up with:

Coated, thin wire, threaded through the whole lining of the shoe.

And when it was threaded, I filmed.

And he made it! Oh, I love my little brother!!😀

A bit more of Longyearbyen

Going down to the university and museum

Inside the museum

At the Govenor’s

Enjoying the view

And lots and lots of stone

I loved it and would very much like to come back. Maybe during winter and go hunting the borealis.

(A/N This was supposed to be posted on September 5th. That didn’t happen)

Happy painting

A smile from a friend. And we’re even closer to a finished room.

A form of freedom

First ride of the year. I haven’t had proper time, and the battery was out.

I giggled like a school girl inside my helmet.

Waving solar Queen…

…Equestrian version. Munich airport 😊

It kind of smiled…

Mercedes of stumps 

This stump is for real! I saw it with my own two eyes. 


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