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A bit more of Longyearbyen

Going down to the university and museum

Inside the museum

At the Govenor’s

Enjoying the view

And lots and lots of stone

I loved it and would very much like to come back. Maybe during winter and go hunting the borealis.

(A/N This was supposed to be posted on September 5th. That didn’t happen)


Happy painting

A smile from a friend. And we’re even closer to a finished room.

A form of freedom

First ride of the year. I haven’t had proper time, and the battery was out.

I giggled like a school girl inside my helmet.

Waving solar Queen…

…Equestrian version. Munich airport 😊

It kind of smiled…

Mercedes of stumps 

This stump is for real! I saw it with my own two eyes. 

Too tight? 

My new pants have a message for me:

Summer night

Daughter – Youth

And totally unrelated to this video; 

Congratulations my friend! New house! I’m looking forward to helping out. Love you 😉

Good night! 

The birds are up, and I’m off to bed with a smile on my face and a can of Urge in my stomach. Good afternoon, evening and night! 


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