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Dehydrating sugar


I’ve only seen this live once. Many, many years ago.
I remember thinking it was way cool, and stunk like a skunk. Or at least of sulfur.


Taking doodling to a new level

Actually the third dimention!

The 3Doodler is apparently a new doodling pen, or a printer pen.


Of all the stupid, unnecessary gadgets, this is the one I really would like to have!

New game for Christmas

I kind of forgot how time consuming video games are.
I’ve been playing Kingdom Hearts 1.5 for three hours, and haven’t really gotten anywhere.

It’s a fun way of wasting time, but boy… Wonder when I have the time to finish it 🙂

Spam II

It’s kind of entertaining to go through the spam filter.

Like this one, from someone who claims to repair computers:

Submitted on 2013/11/26 at 2:15 pm

You really allow it to become seem to be so easy with your powerpoint presentation even so in discovering this trouble to generally be seriously an element that I believe I may never ever have an understanding of. It seems as well tricky and very large for me. I am impatient for your following upload, I am going to aim to get the hang on to of the usb ports!

I must admit, I don’t understand a sh**t!
And thus it’s deleted.
Half sorry if this wasn’t a spam. But I do prefer to understand the comments.


Computer back on track again.
Thanks bro!

This time I got it back the second Win 7 was installed.
I’m taking back control, installing everything else by myself.

Still doing a dual boot with Linux Mint, but this time I’ll remember to give the Mint a partition of its own.

Looking forward to regaining full control!

Computer trouble

Isn’t it lovely when the computer dies?

I’m really, really pissed.
Hope a new disk will solve this crap.
Will see tomorrow.

And I’m seriously considering mac as my next choice, painful as it may be.

Facts of life I

There’s 10 types of people in the world;

Those who can read binary code,
and those who can’t.

Internet and guilt

I’ve run dry.
Not in real life, but on the internet.
Or at least I’m more into absorbing information rather than giving any.
I don’t think I’m missed yet, or at all, but I feel my absence.
That’s a good thing in general, but I constantly get the feeling that my friends (not acquaintances) I communicate with online are squeezed out of my life. Of course, that’s not entirely my fault. If they want contact, I’m still available on phone, mail or facebook, but yet I have this guilt in the put of my stomach.

Escape games

It’s nothing like a good escape game to pass the time.

I’m very fond of the escape games from Neutral. Different difficulties, and real eye candy. Everybody I know prefer these games.


I thought I should broaden my horizon, because it would be silly if there was no other acceptable (or great) games.

Google became my friend, and I came across a little gem;
Daymare Town from Mateusz Skutnik.


These three games are quite brilliant in their artwork, and I’m in love! Maybe not for everybody, but give it an honest try, at least.

I came across a Japanese (?) site with quite a few nice escape games. Unfortunately, the bookmark got lost, and I haven’t been able to find that site again. I remember two games in particular; one is a story about a man who was going to meet a girl in a bar/restaurant, and something about a flower and a drink. The other game was in a house on pillars somewhere in the ocean.
Anybody knows what these games are? I’m very happy for a hint or two!

And I’m so happy I’ve found a couple of nice escape games for the Galaxy too. Nice activity before bed. A couple of levels per night 🙂

Slime tree music

Wonderful header, don’t you think?

I’m really missing playing Maplestory. Totally mindless game, killing mushrooms, snails, pigs…and slimes. In the slime tree.
It’s the most relaxing theme ever, and even though slimes don’t boost your exp very much, they aren’t very harmful either.

I love hunting slimes!

Is it still not very compatible with Windows 7? I haven’t tried for over a year.


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