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Back from work

There is road work everywhere. Even on my street. I can hear them work, and I can smell the asphalt.

Inside, I’m reading, trying to find out how to get Wi-Fi and the touchpad to work.

Linux Mint 19.1, 4.15 kernel, Lenovo V145. Tips, anyone?

Meanwhile, I’ve made myself scrambled eggs. Usually I make them with salt and chives only, but I felt like being adventurous.

Wild garlic (dried) and some sort of salt ‘n’ peppa with lemon and herbs.

Tastes nice, but I prefer the colour without pepper. And the taste of fresh chives. Maybe fresh wild garlic is better? I haven’t got any…

And thanks to the Linux Mint forum, my new computer is working just fine ūüėÄ


And the trouble is…

…my brother!

He even told me I had a new blog post if he was right.

While I was out looking for an usb- stick, he was testing out stuff. Stuff that apparently didn’t deal very well with formatting and installation.

Now I have to find a way to connect to Wi-Fi and to get the touch pad going, but that’ll have to be tomorrow.

At least Windows is gone.


I’ve never had a more stubborn Windows on my computer than Win10! I can’t find out how to erase it entirely. Or halfway.

Never before have I not been able to change operating system within an hour of making the usb-stick.

I’m at my wits’ end, and I don’t know what to do. Argh!

I can’t even understand what the problem is.

Night shift

Even the car tells me to take a break.

My trusty work car has been taken away from me for about four months. I’m still in denial. They told me the Vito was a decent substitute. I kind of agree. I just like my Peugeot. Oh well.

I’ve bought a new computer today. The old one has aches and pains in her battery and power cable. This will be my first computer ever to have Linux installed from the get go. It’s a very cheap amd machine, but it’s just for writing and surfing anyway. Don’t need pentiums for that. The great plus is that it has a dvd+-rw. The most annoying trait is the keyboard. I prefer a full size keyboard with “standard” keys and spacing. This is on the snug side, and I’ve apparently made a wrong password because of this.

Hope all is better tomorrow. Good night. I’m starting to drive again.

WordPress app and pictures

I’m not happy about the picture settings on the WordPress app.

When I started blogging, I believe it was possible to choose the size of the pictures, even on the phone. I used to blog via Opera mini, even on my SEW890i.
I don’t want huge pictures, but I want people to be able to see what I want them to see.

Like this one from September 2012:


500 pixels wide is nice, or 350 if in portrait format. Not too small, but not big either.

Nowadays, I usually use my phone for blogging, and the app makes me choose between size “full”, “large”, “medium” and “miniature”.

This part is from the app. I’m trying to make it “medium”. I usually can’t see the difference in size on my phone, so I can’t check until I’m on a computer.

Nope. This is full size.

What about this?

Ah, I see. When I edit, they are in full size. When I preview, or post, they show up in the size I’ve decided.

But I still don’t like that feature, WordPress. Can you please give me the pixel-power back?


Black pictures?

4th of May (may the fourth be with you) is 23 black pictures.

Or, my phone has either added 23 black frames, or deleted 23 pictures and made them black. I’m starting to think it’s the first, because I can’t remember having taken any pictures that day. And they all were taken in the span of one minute.

I’ve had some pictures going grey on me on my computer. This doesn’t make me trust the safety of my precious photos, I must say.

Flat earth and creationism-frustration

I’ve been doing stupid things to my brain again. This time, I’ve left the safe YouTube videos about language and history, and entered the world of flat earth and creationism.

This post will clearly show what an intolerate person I am. I can’t even sit still and nod and say “I see your point”. I can’t see those points. I think it’s utter nonsense.

I’m a firm believer in science as a mean to understand and describe the world around us as we see it (and don’t see it, for that matter).

Once, in Edinburgh, I saw a comedy piece on sience. However, the points were totally ruined by the constant babble about how stupid being a theist is, and everybody in their right mind should see that science had proven that God doesn’t exist.
Science hasn’t, and science never will.¬†
Atheism or theism doesn’t matter. Science has no room for those questions; that’s the field of philosophy and religion.¬†That’s why I back out every time people use science either to prove that God exists,¬†or that God¬†doesn’t exist. How on earth is that relevant? Or even possible?

Creationism, as I’ve read and heard these past two days, is an especially [insert a kinder word for stupid] form of quasi science. Previously, I’ve just read about young earth creationists. I didn’t know that old earth creationists existed. Young earth creationists are somewhat easier for me to swallow, just because I think it’s a stupid form of fundamentalism, and I don’t think much about it.

Old world creationists are a bit harder, though. They start out reasonable, continue with a few stumbles and then go down the drain.¬† That somebody actually¬†thinks that Cain married his sister, and in turn Seth married his sister and then¬†don’t see that as incest and inbreeding that would be a disaster for the human species in just a short amount of time, is just incredible.¬† It boggles my mind that someone actually thinks that the Bible is useful in describing the earth’s whole history.

I stumbled across creationism again because of my search of an answer to what NASA and world leaders would gain by making everybody believe the earth is a globe, when it’s flat, and the ice wall of Antarctica is surrounding it. I’ve yet to come across an answer to that question. Anybody?

One argument for a flat earth made me almost spit out my coffe in amusement. It’s flat, and nothing outside, because that’s just convenient. It’s much easier to understand than to use geometry and trigonometry and quantum physics. Oh yeah. That’s why the earth is flat, my friend!

What a load of manure.

I should be doing something useful instead of wasting my time and energy on this. Maybe join the cause against nuclear weapons. Or find a way to deal with radioactivity, like I wanted to do way back when I was  a fresh and open minded student.
Now I’m just a grumpy old fart.


Fuck you!

Yes, I mean you, Google, internet, and every bloody company, country and person who keeps track on me and everybody else!

Every time I visit a new site, I have to click a button to agree to surveillance. I still hope to see a button that says “Fuck you, no!”. I can’t be the only person in the world who think that it’s not okay to be tracked, even if I don’t do anything wrong or don’t have anything to hide.

I simply don’t want to be found.

Of course, being on the internet, occasionally blogging and generally hanging with my phone, I haven’t really done my job of I intended not to be found. But still.

Fuck you!

And by the way, I think the GDPR is doing something right’ish. I’m just not sure it’s enough. And I still can’t choose not to be tracked at all.

Diving phone

Samsung Galaxy Alpha isn’t supposed to be waterproof. And “waterproof” usually doesn’t mean waterproof, but rather “doesn’t short circuit in rain or sweaty boobs”.

I must admit that my heart was racing when I suddenly discovered my adventurous phone on the bottom of the bucket I was filling with water. I can’t recall hearing it hitting water  or  bucket, so I don’t know how long the dive was.

To my great relief and surprise, the phone appeared perfectly dry on the inside, and after a few minutes in my moisture absorbing pockets, it was dry and good as new.

I’m actually impressed for once!

On light bulbs

March 18th I had a rant about my ten years old light bulb going out with a bang.

Three days ago, this new wonder of modern technology decided to snuff it too.

I don’t know, but I suspect that the energy used to produce these energy saving bulbs that burst every other month is greater than what I waste by using the old ones I had to replace every other year…

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