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Fuck you!

Yes, I mean you, Google, internet, and every bloody company, country and person who keeps track on me and everybody else!

Every time I visit a new site, I have to click a button to agree to surveillance. I still hope to see a button that says “Fuck you, no!”. I can’t be the only person in the world who think that it’s not okay to be tracked, even if I don’t do anything wrong or don’t have anything to hide.

I simply don’t want to be found.

Of course, being on the internet, occasionally blogging and generally hanging with my phone, I haven’t really done my job of I intended not to be found. But still.

Fuck you!

And by the way, I think the GDPR is doing something right’ish. I’m just not sure it’s enough. And I still can’t choose not to be tracked at all.


Diving phone

Samsung Galaxy Alpha isn’t supposed to be waterproof. And “waterproof” usually doesn’t mean waterproof, but rather “doesn’t short circuit in rain or sweaty boobs”.

I must admit that my heart was racing when I suddenly discovered my adventurous phone on the bottom of the bucket I was filling with water. I can’t recall hearing it hitting water  or  bucket, so I don’t know how long the dive was.

To my great relief and surprise, the phone appeared perfectly dry on the inside, and after a few minutes in my moisture absorbing pockets, it was dry and good as new.

I’m actually impressed for once!

On light bulbs

March 18th I had a rant about my ten years old light bulb going out with a bang.

Three days ago, this new wonder of modern technology decided to snuff it too.

I don’t know, but I suspect that the energy used to produce these energy saving bulbs that burst every other month is greater than what I waste by using the old ones I had to replace every other year…

Death of a light bulb



There went my last incandescent light bulb out like a firework!

I am one of those who like things that are banned. Not because of the ban, but because the things worked.

This particular bulb has been with me since I bought the lamp in 2005. It has been in and out of three flats and two houses, been on the road for more than 1500 km and still worked like a champ for nearly ten years. 

I changed the spots over my entrance door in October 2014. Come March 2015 they are all dead. That’s not impressive, but sadly the way bulbs are today.

The new phone

I’ve got myself a new, shiny phone:


This is a Samsung Galaxy Alpha.
I got it because it’s the smallest I could find, and because it’s fairly close in specs to the smaller S’s.

My old phone is a Samsung Galaxy S. With no number behind. At the moment it is close to four and a half years, and apparently ancient.

I would like to set up my new phone with my existing apps and stuff, but nothing seems to support Gingerbread (2.3.3) anymore.

Does anybody know an easy fix, or do I have to find the right files and manually copy from device to device?

I’m hoping I can set up the phone to my liking…

My head is a malfunctioning loopstation

The downside to arranging music is that it tends to go in a loop in my head for quite some time, and I also play parts of the different parts. It’s even worse than the usual tune stuck in your head.

My head is overflowing with the dance of the little swans from Swan Lake at the moment. Even if I’ve spent three hours at a musical theatre rehearsal.

And as I was searching the internet for something on the tune-in-head-matter, I came across this rather interesting article on the subject;
Music: It’s in your head,
changing your brain

I rather like the term “ear worm”. It’s describing.

Virtual Barber Shop

I insist; put on your headphones before turning this on.
It’s quite fascinating.

“Look Up”

I’m trying. Really trying.
Living the real world is very important to me.
The importance of being seen, and acknowledged is in a way underrated.

Curse you, Google!

I’ve logged on to gmail two times!
First in October 2010, when I created the account, then some time in 2012 when I had to do something for something I can’t remember. And I had to change password because I’d forgotten the first.

Now I can’t remember my new password! And to pay for an app in Google Play store, I have to confirm my password.

To get a new they need the last password I remember to prove I’m me!

How is that supposed to help me?

I can’t remember either of the two buggers! And I can’t find an email address to whine to google support. Thus, I’m whining here.

My gmail is for Android purpose only. How am I supposed to remember a password that is clearly not one of those I usually choose?

Drat! 😦


No wonder lorries get stuck on those tiny forsaken roads!

They’ve probably have got that same crappy sat-nav I asked to guide me to my destination this morning.

When I left home, it told me I was going to arrive five minutes after I was supposed to be at the meeting point. I had estimated 1.5 hours of driving, and rounded up to 2 to be on the safe side. The sat-nav said 2.5.


I didn’t want to overspeed, but was constantly on the limit, and every mile, the little pratt added one minute to the estimated time of arrival. I couldn’t be late. Simple as that.

I didn’t suspect anything fishy for about 50 km, but then it guided me off the main road, on to a longer, older rout.

It kept bugging me to turn back when I chose the main road. When that didn’t work, it started recalculating, and constantly needed to remind me that I was an idiot not following excellent directions.


At the next possible junction, it told me yet again to get off the main road and follow a parallel one instead.

A couple of years ago,  when there was a road block because of roadworks, the first 300 meters or so of this road was used as an alternative lane. Somehow, I got lost in the dark, and didn’t get off it. It’s not supposed to serve anything else but the houses along it. It’s mostly parallel to the main road for about 30 km. And not the fastest way. As mr. Smartypants (aka Sat-Nav) tired to convince me. Good thing I’ve got some common sense, and a fair idea of the fastest rout.

I got to the meeting point in 1.5 hours.

God knows how late I would have been if I had listened to the recalculating lady.

I’m still not convinced.

But it’s handy for finding the right address, I’ll give it that!


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