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Catch a man?

It’s hunting season.

How to catch a man who smells like forest and heather?

I’m wondering if a net in the woods would do the trick…


«Hurts To Be Different» – Mayim Bialik 

I don’t have a PhD (sadly), and I don’t think the nerds and geeks of the world will embrace me without a thorough interrogation to find out exactly my capacity in terms of nerdiness and geekiness.

I am what I like to call a person who might not be A4, but I’m not half bad at fitting in that piece of paper anyway. 
I had hoped that in time I would grow out of the feeling of not really fitting. I think I have. But sometimes i get offhand comments that I am over thinking things, too this or too that. I know I can be annoying. More often than not, I really don’t mean to. It’s just the way I am. I’m hardly ever showing off, because all my tricks are really not that great or are totally missing the audience. 

This video resonates with me, and I would have loved it if it didn’t. Or would I? 

It’s a funny feeling, not liking oneself, and yet being perfectly happy in oneself. 

I have grown to like myself and accept myself, but it is hard to be myself around other people. 

Why is it so? 

Maybe I’m a bit different after all? 

I want summer love

Not necessarily for me, although that would be fun, but certainly for at least four people I know. I could up that to ten, too.

Midsummer is closing in, and I’m in a hopelessly romantic mood. I think that might be why I detest midsummer. 

How does confession work? 

I’m not Catholic. 

Can only Catholics go to confession? 

Do you have to confess, or can you just have a cathartic talk with a person you will never see again? 

I seriously want to know, so please reply if you’ve got something for me. 


Sometimes I wonder if I would pursue a career as an actor if I could live again and make other choices. And I suspect the answer is “maybe”


How come I feel like I’m a floating island? 

When I’m anchored, I’m just like the solid land. You can’t see difference in the grass growing on me or on the neighbour. 

But then my anchors are cut, and I start to drift. 

Maybe we all are islands? 

«What It’s Like Inside Our Minds»


A wish

They say if you put it out there, it’ll happen. 

If the universe is wise enough to grant wishes, it certainly can do with the muddled ones too. 

I wish for friendship, men, women, children, and for happy lives. 

Go, universe, go! 

Sometimes I wonder why I’m still living in Europe, and not on a remote Pacific island. I think I would do great away from everything and everyone. 

An open fan-rant – or something like that

Okay, I’ve said it before, but maybe not clearly enough;
I’m an #EvilRegal, and Regina is Queen!

Now, that’s out of the way.

For the first three seasons of Once Upon a Time, I didn’t snoop around tumblr, twitter and other sites where fans gather and adore their ships, bash their anti-whatevers and just hang around chatting. I was happily living in my bubble where Regina was the centre of attention, and all the action, the stories and, you know, everything, should be about her.

I was oblivious to the fact that anybody would find the Charmings and Emma even remotely interesting or worth casting a second glance at. I find them so utterly annoying and self-righteous that I want to roll my eyes and go away.

Why?  When I whined about my favourites being repeatedly beaten and ripped of happiness to my mother, she just patted me on the head (through the phone) and said, that’s life for those who root for Sylvester instead of Pip, or Wild E. Coyote instead of Roadrunner. I’m doomed.

I’ve tried to find redeeming qualities in Snow, Emma and Charming. I find a few. Most in Snow. And yet, they all annoy me to no end after a couple of episodes – or less.

However, I don’t really hate any of the characters. Not with an “I’m totally repulsed”-ire. I just can’t be bothered. That’s how I feel about ships I don’t board too. They might sail alongside mine, or sink behind, or fly up in the sky. That’s not my ship, and I’ll keep swabbing the decks on mine, minding my own business.

Maybe I’m just to lazy. At the moment my mind is too preoccupied with the heartbreak and total injustice of the way they treated Robin.

I’m going back to my fluffy fan-cave now.


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