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Helix and tragus

It’s been a long time since my last piercing, and I’m all healed and great. Thus it’s time for a new round of cleaning and moaning about not being able to sleep on my favourite side. At least both holes are on the same side this time around. I learn from my mistakes, you see. 

Picture will be added when i get one worth showing. 


Football & piercing?


I’m playing football tomorrow. For the first time in about two years. On a mix-team.
I’m going to die!
My legs are far too scrawny for close contact with male football legs!

Anyway. My second concern is my piercings.
Am I allowed to tape them, or do I have to take them out? It’s mainly my helix, bellybutton and daithI’m concerned about. The daith won’t come out, but it’s very hidden anyway. Anybody knows?


Fun daith, annoyed daith

Yes, my daith is so much fun!
It’s been with me for quite a few weeks now, and Gran spotted it just this evening.
I love the reaction people get when they notice.
That’s what’s most fun about it.

It’s been quite cold the last month, and I’ve not been careful enough to cover my ears.
Last year, I noticed that two holes in each ear was colder than one in each with no jewellery.
This year I’m entering the freezing season with no less than seven holes in total with titan in each.
That was a bit too cold for the daith’s liking.
It’s been acting up a bit, with swelling and stuff, and I’m constantly trying to tell it to calm down.
I think it’s just a faze, and we’ll be happy together again.
But I’ve definitely understood the necessity of covering my ears.

A bit more about my daith


It’s tuesday and four days since I got my daith piercing.
Picture taken monday.
Thought I’d just put in a picture in case somebody was curious, or maybe didn’t quite know what kind of piercing I’m talking about.

Anyway, I had a chat with the piercer today, and he would do my rook if I wanted. Good service!
I’m still not sure what to do. It’s growing on me, and causing very little trouble.
Unlike my infamous helix, this one is actually ok to sleep on if I’m careful.

It is a bit tricky to clean and treat, and I have to be careful with q-tips and headphones. I don’t use earplugs at the moment either.

What I really like about this one, is that it’s not a very common piercing. And it’s kind of hidden.

I might actually keep it…

The unexpected daith

Well, yeah.
It was supposed to be a rook, and it became a daith.
On a hurt scale from 1 to 10, i would rank this one a 7/10.
But it’s quite all right to sleep on, as it’s rather hidden.
I’m going back on monday to find out if it would be wise to take this one out,
and in time have my rook pierced instead.
I still feel the rook is a more practical place to pierce…

My ears are ok


I might be a hypocrite.
I don’t think body modification is all that.
But I love my piercings.
And I’m prone to get more, if the occasion rises.
I’m actually happy when I look at my ears. And it’s ok if my midriff were to be accidentally exposed.

Oh sweet hypocrisy.

But maybe it’s best to be happy about one self after all.

Minor piercing trouble

Salute to the magnificent, marvellous aloe vera plant!

It’s been close to three weeks since I ranted about my ears. It’s time to do so again.
For a fortnight I’ve been partly sleeping on my back, partly on my irritable ears. And doing a lot of waking up because it hurts like shit!

Well, I got both my third lobe piercing and my helix changed, and I’ve got two nice labret studs with a simple ball end.
The lobe one was easily put in, and I’ve had very, very little trouble since (uh, since Wednesday – today is Friday). That was the most annoying one.
The helix was a bit more tricky, and it took some time (and frustration and pain) before the stud went through the hole the right way. This is actually a bit annoying, ’cause this was the piercing I’ve had least trouble with. No swelling, no pain. Except for the first day, when it accidendly got caught in a bag.

Well, anyway. Wednesday was a fine day. And the following night was blissfull. However, my helix started to swell during the day (Thursday), and it became red and a bit uncomfortable. It only hurt when I was examining it, but that was bad enough.  I’ve been watching too many “piercing-gone-horribly-wrong-videos” on youtube, and I admit I was quick to do something about this troubled ear of mine when I came home around 1 am. Salt water, q-tips, squeezing a bit, and lots and lots of aloe vera. And I’ve got another good reason not to get a piercing “down there”. No way am I deliberatly inflicting these pains around my waterworks!!

Anyway. The aloe vera must certainly have done the trick! Okay, the swelling isn’t completely gone, but my ear is back to normal pink instead of sunburnt, and it doesn’t feel like I’ve got an oven on the left side of the head either.




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