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New bed

Just because I will probably need to be reminded when I bought and installed my bed, all by myself.

And my knees are sore and red and blue from dancing.


4:44 am, July 4th

I woke up, listened for a bit and could not hear one sound. Had to check the time. 

4:44 am.

Not a bird chirping or duck quacking. Not a car or helicopter. No creaking of the house or rustling of the wind. 


And then I heard a faint bird. 

Dead shrew…

Little Black Missy is playing killing machine again. 

This time she brought home a species I haven’t seen before. A water shrew. 

It was belly-up and very dead…

At least she had the decency to not hide it in the grass for the mower to find. 

Four leaves for luck? 

Four leaves are four leaves, even if they are frayed or one is slightly smaller than the other three? 

This should be my lucky day! 


When I walked through the forest this morning, all the beetles were alive and right side up. 

Four hours later, the path was strewn with them, all upside-down, most of them dead or feeling rather poorly I would say. 

Why? Anybody knows if this is a common phenomenon? 


Sweeping is good for relaxation and reflection. 

Women’s day

I saw on the interweb that women around the world were going on strike. Just to show what a world without women is like. At work, at home, in the shops…

I was not at the office yesterday, but at a conference some way away and without my phone. 25 unread emails and 14 missed calls. And my boss wondered if I was missing in action at a quarter past nine (sitting at my desk, but apparently still missed). I don’t feel like I need to strike to make people notice me. I’m going to mark this day by reflecting on how to make the world a better place. For everyone. 

I don’t know how, but I don’t give up hope entirely. 

Anonymous – and not…

The funny thing about this blog, and frankly, almost everything I post online, is that I’m anonymous. Anonymous, I don’t advertise, I don’t make links between accounts, and I desperately want people to read what I write. But I don’t want anybody to know who I am.

This blog is by far my most successful outlet in terms of followers, replies etc., and that says something about my general reach.

My other writing spaces are so, so void of replies that I seriously wonder if I should stop writing altogether. I haven’t, and in my desperation, I invite people I know to read and review to me in person. And suddenly, I’m not anonymous anymore.

Even this blog is visited by people who know me, and thus, there are things I would really like to write about that I simply can’t.

And this is a totally stupid rant. I’m sorry. But not enough to leave it unposted.

It’s summer!

And I’m sweating like…something that’s really really sweaty!

The aircodition in my office is kaputt, and it’s baking hot. Even for an icicle like myself.

The air smells like flowers, and of lily of the valley in particular.

Life is quite all right at the moment.

Freezing my butt off!

It’s damned cold outside! And to a certain degree inside.

But it’s quite beautiful.



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