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Tokio Hotel and Charming Liars!

Tokio Hotel’s Melancholic Paradise Tour is coming to an end, and I’ve had a great time in Oslo.

I didn’t know anything about Charming Liars, but they had me from the first song. The crowd was small, but loud and happy. It’s one of the great concert experiences I’ve had.
Screamin, clapping, and a nice, intimate venue.
All in all, a great gig from both bands 😀


Penis Song – Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life

Yes, isn’t it nice?

Eurovision notes

Madonna. Sorry, I wanted to bury my self in cushions. I squirmed, and was grateful for autotune during the last song. I never thought she would give the weakest performance of the day.

Conchita Wurst gave a better performance of “Heroes” than Måns Zelmerlöw did when he won. I loved the rest of the switch-song performance too, and Verka is always a blast!

Over all, I think this was a good finale, and all contestants were performing well. Thumbs up!

Congratulations to the Netherlands!

I’m happy with the result.

And here’s the switch-song:

Smala Sussie feat. Pölsa – Newfound lover

I’m late to every party, and now I’ve crashed the Scandinavian film and television party.

I’m hooked on this song from Smala Sussie (Slim Sussie), written and performed by Tuva Novotny.

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

Daughter – Youth

And totally unrelated to this video; 

Congratulations my friend! New house! I’m looking forward to helping out. Love you 😉

Não me deixes à porta da escolar – Luisa Sobral

I love this song, and this would have been me back when. If I could write a song about it.
And here is the google translate version, with a few alterations:

Do not leave me at the school door
They will stay watching
And I am a discreet girl
I like entering without anyone noticing
You can stay across the street.
Where no one sees you
And so they think I came by bus
Or maybe even walked
But you also do not call me
The names of the house
These are just for us
I’m  Maria at school
Mimi is only for grandparents

And so coming to an end
I ask the most important
Back to doing everything the same
When I’m already big
But until then do not call me
The names of the house
These are just for us
I’m  Maria at school
Mimi is only for the grandparents.


Air on g-strings


Sensible laws of Camelot

Listen carefully, legislatures of northern Europe. Camelot knew how to manage weather and seasons. It’s glorious. 

The Tapioca

Always puts me in the mood!

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Natasha Illum Berg is on a quest following the sky paths of birds from Sweden to Asia & Africa 100 years after her famous grandfather Bengt Berg did the same.


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