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“Which witch?”

Im currently reading Which witch? by Eva Ibbotson.

The story is about the great dark wizard Arriman and how he starts a competition (or is convinced to) to find a suitable dark which to marry in order to sire the greatest dark wizard of all.

I remember reading it back in 1990 or something, and I remember liking it a lot.  Reading it now, I understand that I probably didn’t catch the brilliance of it. I’m reading it in my native language and not in English, so I can’t exactly say anything about the quality of the translation, but so far it has had little footnotes about names and their meaning in English, just to tell the reader the significance of the names.  Nice touch!

I would really recommend this as light reading for adults, and fun for kids too. At least for adults and kids like me…


The thirteenth tale

Just finished reading the book.
I highly recommend it!
I’m not sure to whom, but I really liked it.

Apparently the tv movie was released on BBC2 tonight (December 30th).
A pity I didn’t see it.

Hope it was enjoyable.

Work in progress

(or “pothead”, like my swype tried to tell me I wanted to write…)

Going to the dentist can lead to unexpected things. Especially when my appointment got canceled at the dentist, two minutes before my appointment.

I was extremely close to getting a new piercing, but the piercing guy didn’t want to do anything to me today.

I got a new note pad, and a very nice pen. Especially bought for one sole purpose. I’m writing fanfiction! Never done before. Will probably never get on the interwebs, but I’m going to finish it. December 23th. Maybe somebody else will be allowed to read, maybe not. This is a new (for me) way of writing practice.

I will probably inform you of my glorious result around Christmas.

Whether you’re interested or not.


The enchanted world of fairytales


I love fairytales. In fact, I love anything written that had a sting to it. I’ve always loved it. As a kid, I borrowed scary books at the library, read them at the dead of night and was doing quite a lot of running from monsters in my sleep.

Some fairytales are more scary than others. Disney’s rendering of fairytales is not canon fairytales. They are the polished fluffy-pink-unicorn-version of fairytales.

Real fairytales have a certain seriousness and edge to them. Probably because they’re meant to be educational at some level.

I’ve been reading this book of fairytales from different parts of the world, and I came across a poem (or whatever you will call it) I had sort of forgotten. I don’t think it is political correct today. It might frighten children to eat their soup. And we all know that’s bad, don’t we?


When did children become so sensitive?

To read or not to read, or something like that.

“When I’m really into a novel, I’m seeing the world differently during that time – not just for the hour or so in the day when I get to read. I’m actually walking around in a haze, spellbound by the book and looking at everything through a different prism.”
― Colin Firth

And how do one really get into a novel? Or in fact any piece of writing?
I think it’s all about how well written something is.

When I was younger, I thought people read Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Dante and Shakespeare because they wanted others to think they were classy and educated. And in fact a bit wannabe-posh.

I won’t pretend I’ve read much of either Tolstoy or Dostoyevsky, but I’ve actually read Dante’s Divine Comedy, and half of The Brothers Karamazov. And believe it or not – I did it just because I wanted to, and not to brag about it. I intend to finish The Brothers Karamazov in due time.

What makes me want to read a book, a magazine, a fanfic or anything, is the flow, and the general feeling. I want to be convinced. I’m not sure why I’m convinced at some times, and at others not. For instance, I first read the Hobbit at the age of 18 (ok – I know I should have done it way before, but anyway…). It contains hobbits, wizards, dwarfs, elves and a dragon, and everything that is supposed to make it a great book. I love the story, but I can’t stand the way it’s written. It’s fairly easy to read, and quite obviously some kind of children’s book. I’m usually quite a fast reader, but I think I read it in two weeks. That’s desperately slow! When I went on to read Lord of the Rings, I read the first two books in three days – while studying. I had to wait a bit to read the third, because it was sold out at that time, but I must have read it in a day or two. Quite fascinating, actually. I’m not quite sure why I thought it was so much easier to read. My only conclution, is that it’s written in a manner that appeals to me.

I think the Harry Potter series is a joy to read, even though the first two books is clearly written for a younger audience than me.  A friend of me was totally taken by  the Twilight saga, and I thought I’d give it a go. I had to force me through the first book. Three months, I think. I can say that I officially hate Bella Swan. I need a book to be well written with good supporting characters if I’m not fond of the main character. I don’t think a glittering vegetarian vampire is good enough. I’m not overly fond of the character Harry Potter either, but I love both Ron and Hermione, and in fact the whole cast.

A tweet caught my eye some time ago:

“Ella Rose Edmondson@ellaedmondson
50 Shades of Grey is the most boring book I’ve tried to read in a very long time. I’m skipping entire pages

I knew I’d heard about this book somewhere, but couldn’t quite figure out where. And then I found this review:
Finally, I get the sex in Fifty Shades of Gray

I admit, I sniggered when I read it. And then I suddenly remembered.
This is the fanfic set in the Twilight universe and grew up to be a series of its own. Sort of.

Fanfic can be a pleasant easy-read, or it can be grinding agony.
A while ago I had a little rant about the plain awfulness of some fics.
I’ve read quite a lot of fanfic lately, just because I can’t muster the strength to start reading Lord of the Flies. Not just yet.

And I sincerely apologize if this was a total waste of your time.

Happy birthday, John Cage…

I’m an installation.
With a purpose.
A lone figure sitting with my legs stretched out in narrow corridor.
At an exhibition celebrating what would have been John Cage’s 100th birthday.
September 8th 2012.
Less than 25% chose to walk across my legs.
More than 75% chose to walk out if their way use the remaining 40 cm between my feet and the wall.
Honest to God, I’m not so fat that my legs can be compared to a fence.
Maybe except for that little girl, around the age of three, who chose to use me as a part of an interesting jump course.
And all in all, I am not the biggest fan of John Cage’s work.
I may not be enough of an artist, because I really don’t get it.
Feedback isn’t music, it’s just pain.
Well, anyway, happy birthday John Cage.
I’m sure you’ve brought happiness to many very creative artists.
At least I saw quite a few happy faces today…

Fanfic shock

Ohmigaaad! x( I think I just died a bit

I’ve been reading fanfic. It’s close to ten years since I last did that, and I’d forgotten how awfully bad this actually can be. Both in terms of language and plot. And it’s not the xxx-fics I’m thinking about.


Not in this, nor any other fantasy world would this woman not know she was three months pregnant and needed help from others to realize it.

And with this little outburst, I’ll keep looking for the good stuff that ought to be somewhere on the world wide web 🙂


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