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Retired hearse

This might be the coolest car ever!


Penis Song – Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life

Yes, isn’t it nice?

Catch a man?

It’s hunting season.

How to catch a man who smells like forest and heather?

I’m wondering if a net in the woods would do the trick…

Sensible laws of Camelot

Listen carefully, legislatures of northern Europe. Camelot knew how to manage weather and seasons. It’s glorious. 

If only things were simple…

For instance; if I have a toothache, let it be a toothache, and not a whole bunch of other symptoms from muscles and nerves connected to the jaw (a touch of irritable trigeminus, I’m afraid😐). But because this is me, it’s boring to be simple and straight forward. 

Life’s default mode should be “simple”. That’s not boring. It’s practical. I don’t know why that particular memo didn’t reach the ones in charge.

Bea Lillie- Faries at the Bottom of My Garden

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie – trailer #1


I’m really, stupidly looking forward to this one! 😀

Instant green

Recipe for green disaster:
* One green, new feather boa (cheap)
* One dancer, preferably wearing a white leotard under a black dress

Let the dancer warm up and work up an even layer of sweat. Put the boa around the neck of the dancer and repeat the routine over and over for 45 minutes. Be sure to use a dancer incapable of keeping hands away from sweaty forehead, nose, hair etc. Let said dancer take off the black dress with green hands, and laugh your head off as she is trying to keep the leotard white.

Green face, neck (front and back) green straps on leotard, green fingers, green inside of arms, and just for fun; green finger prints on boobs.

There you go. Green disaster!

(wonder if the leotard is as easy to clean as I am!?)

Get Fit Or Die Trying – Just Between Us

Yeah. I am totally feeling like Gaby.

Ei Saa PeittÀÀ – DrĂ€ngarna

The essence of the song:
A cold bathroom needs heating, and thus you buy an oven.

Is it just me who think, when you’re sitting there and pressing, that you want something to look at?
When you have read the instructions, all declarations of content, what more is there  to look at?
All doubt was extinguished,
Must not be covered, I have received a warm toilet

I must admit I find it comforting that I’m not the only one in the world who read and remember these three words.
Along with Shampoo ja hoitoaine and perkele that is the only things I know in Finnish.

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