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Facts of life XXVI

It’s a disaster waiting to happen when your father teaches you to drive with a horse box. Stack up on food and blood sugar and bad language! 


Facts of life XXV

Nobody cares about you more than you do. 

Facts of Life XXIV

The car will run off on its own if left in “drive” while you exit. 

Facts of life XXIII

You might benefit from following your own advice. More often than not. 

Facts of life XXI & XXII

At 6:15 am this morning, I realised that my access card for work was missing, and also my bank card. They were both last seen on my bed last night before I went out (without them).
I needed to be at work at 7 am at the latest, and in desperation, I ripped the covers of the duvets, concluded that not cards could be found and rushed to work anyway. Luckily somebody arrived at the same time add me and could lock me in. Three hours later, I found the cards in my purse.

This little incident made me remember two new facts of life.

A woman’s purse is somewhat like a black hole



It is hardly ever convenient to take the covers off the duvet and not put it back immediately.  It’s ever so tiresome to put it on when you are ready for bed.

Facts of life XX

When you wonder if you remembered to post your last blog post in English or your mother tongue, go back and confirm it’s in English, you know you’re on your way to being quite fluent.

Facts of life XIX

Raw carrots will probably only make you hungrier if you start out hungry.

Not even one kg of carrots will make you feel full.

Facts of life XVIII


Facts of life XVII

When you leave with a smile on your face and a song in your heart, you know you have had the perfect company for the evening!

Facts of life XVI

VapoRub on your cheeks and forehead will make your eyes water.
And remember to rinse fingers properly after applying the ointment before rubbing yourself in the eyes.

Hoping to be able to breath through my nose tonight


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