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Thumper’s word of the day

But what if the situation requires that you say something?
Will they not recognize your lack of enthusiasm and praise?
I think I would…

The fence

The grass is seldom greener on the other side.

But you might find a greener spot if you get your focus off the fence and see all the world has to offer!


I’m on the brink of coming down with a cold.
My throat is sore, my nose is running, and I’m sneezing more than a little.

Eating a teaspoon of whole black pepper is actually relieving the symptoms at the moment. I wouldn’t believe it, but it does. I still feel a bit under the weather, but the actual symptoms are gone.

I’m amazed, and will keep trying this until it doesn’t work anymore.
Still not sure it’s real.
But it doesn’t do any harm, so why not.


No smoke without fire.
Except liquid nitrogen, fog machines, breath in cold weather…and a whole lot of other things.

Keep looking for the truth, and don’t be fooled by symptoms alone!

Identifying the problem

If your eyesight is getting dim and blurry, check if you’ve cleaned your glasses before you put the blame somewhere else.

The perfect balance

It’s too easy to protect, and too hard to open up.
Tough to get on the right track, and keep the right balance.
Luckily, it’s possible to get there, if you work a bit.

And the drunken tortilla joke, as a late birthday laugh:

Thanks for all the cake and stuff! Really enjoyed it 😀

It’s really not nice to laugh at other peoples abilities – or potential lack thereof!

You might be very wrong, and hurt someone in the process.

It should be mandatory to have a reality check from time to time.

Just to keep the head clean and get focus where it’s supposed to be.


Never listen to those who say you’re nothing.
They are wrong.
So very wrong!
Lift your head and roar!!

That thing that makes you feel bad when people treat you like nothing, that’s your something.
That’s you.
Embrace yourself. Lift your head.
Give air, sun and nutrition to your ego.

Have a good day, and a good life 🙂


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