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Porridge cake

I have made a cake today, sort of like one my grandmother made.

She made it from rice porridge, I decided to try sago, or tapioca.

First, I made the porridge:

  • 0,5 dl sago pearls
  • 0,5 l milk
  • butter (probably around 50g)
  • a stick of cinnamon

Boiled it for about 25 minutes, kept stirring at intervals because the sago kept sticking to the bottom.

Then I let the porridge cool in the fridge.

I put the porridge in a bowl:

The rest of the recipe is as follows:

  • 2 eggs
  • 1 dl sugar
  • 2 tbs wheat flour
  • 1 ts cardamom
  • 50 g butter
  • 1 dl raisins

I melted the butter and whisked the eggs with a fork, and mixed it with the porridge.

Quite delicious, or what?

Mixed in the rest of the ingredients and when the dough (or whatever you would call it) was smooth and even, I put it in a bread pan. I took the one I had, but because this little bugger of a cake doesn’t rise, i would suggest a form on the smaller side to give the impression of a somewhat risen cake.


I put it in the oven (furthest down), 180°C for an hour, and hey presto!

It may not look like all that, but I think it’s rather nice, actually.

So there you go, it’s my mix of different recipes, and in that aspect quite unique.



It’s sad to realise that I’m not in any way unique or special. In fact, most everything I’ve ever thought about has been thought by somebody else before me. Maybe after me.

On the other hand is it nice not to be alone…

“50.000 Matches Chain Reaction Domino Effect”

I’m loving this 🤩

Home at last

There is nothing like being a coach potato after a stressful week.

And best of all, I got my friend-fix (is that a word?) today. It’s been to long when I dream that I haven’t seen her and I’m deeply saddened.


Candy fail

I’m rarely Failing while making something in the kitchen. It may not always be as tasty as I hoped, or have the finish I long for, but it’s always possible to eat and somewhat enjoy, if only for the peculiarity of the thing.

Boiling sweets is clearly not my forte. The house smells of burned something with a whiff of honey.

I feel it’s my duty as a honey selling bear to provide honey cake, honey caramels and honey candy.

Tomorrow I’ll get more ingredients. Cake and caramels are hard to get wrong.

“We just google it” – and some other stuff

Over the past few years, I’ve had some discussions on the importance of learning things, and often by heart.

My brain is brimming over with information, both useful, interesting, uninteresting and totally obsolete – and everything in between. I value my brain library, and wouldn’t be without it for anything. Sometimes, I wish my brain could concentrate on where I put my glasses last, or my phone. Or maybe, just maybe, remember names in addition to cases and properties. People like to be remembered. Instead, my brain chooses to save information on how toxoplasmose makes male rats react to cat pee just the way they would react to a female rat in heat. I think it’s interesting, but it’s not very useful information in my everyday life.

In short, I like to learn new things, and I’m a collector of information on a rather wide spectrum. I’m not an expert in any field.

My cousin is ten years younger than me, and in 2017, he said that the need to know things by heart these days was not as great as ten years ago (2007), because nowadays you can just google it. I had to inform him that Google was just as good or practical ten years ago. Even back when I started frequenting the internet in 1998, searching the internet for relevant information was not only possible, but quite fruitful. Although, I mostly used AltaVista back then. My guess is, his searching skills have improved, rather than the internet and search engines themselves. If anything, at least Google is giving you what you want, rather than what you need, even if you don’t know it.

“I wasn’t born” is an answer I think I get more and more. It may be just because I’ve started to notice it. I know we tried a couple of times in school when we hadn’t read our homework in history, but that didn’t help us. I know quite a lot of things that happened way before I was born. Our brains are made to gather information others before us have experienced, not only what we have lived through ourselves. Luckily.

I feel that there is a common opinion that “kids these days” (not quite sure exactly who these kids are) are wiser, more knowledgable, more mature and all around an upgrade of the generation before. Because of technology and the world they live in. They are forced to live in an environment that makes them older earlier. At the same time, they are kids longer, they are less able to stand om their own two feet, and their parents take more responsibility even when the kids are grown up and have kids of their own.

My humble opinion (maybe not so humble, but it’s not anything I can base on my own research, rather than anecdotal evidences) is that “kids these days” are just as good or bad as their parents. They have not mutated, they are no super humans, and they are not smarter than their predecessors. What they have, is tons and tons on information at their fingertips. And the knowledge to access it.

“Kids these days” are not more technically advanced, they are born in their age and know how to handle their technical devices. Faced with a cassette player, they haven’t got the faintest. Or with a computer with floppy disks and DOS. Just as I’m sure the kids born 20 years from now will think the technology of today is so dated they don’t know how we survived.

Our brain hasn’t evolved in tens of thousands of years. That’s a fact. We are the same species as the one that lived in caves and chipped stones to make weapons. It’s our technology that has kept improving. The computer I’m typing this on, is a result of what generations and generations of inventors and curious people have discovert through the ages. Without our history, we are nothing.

Today, it’s all the more common to get rid of paper archives and save records online, in a cloud, or on discs. I’m afraid we are going to be a black hole in history. Seriously. A piece of pre-history 6000 years after pre-history. Even today it proves difficult to access data from older systems.

Recorded history is a gift for those who come after. We can learn from history, believe it or not.  To my dismay, we seem to forget even our near history, and even things we learned about democracy and freedom of speech, is dwindling away. I’m slowly returning to my old thinking, that humans are stupid, and the world would be better without us. But on the other hand, I’ve grown more fond of the species as the years go by.

What I initially wanted to talk about, was that storing things in our long-term memory will help us to be more creative, give us the ability to be critical, and help us to get the right answer faster. Our working memory is very limited compared to our ever expanding long-term memory. If the two types of memory work together, our brain works faster and more stream-lined. And we are less prone to stupid mistakes.

For instance, if I use my online dictionary to translate a piece of written text in my mother tongue, and seriously, seriously have no prior knowledge to English or how to use a dictionary, it would look like this:

Crow hare dimmed plumage too type head hood, type wing too type calf-length tail. Both impertinent, you lower extremity too eyelet be approximate type.

This is an extreme example of poor translation, based on close to no knowledge about a subject (in this case English and use of dictionary).

My own translation, with a little help from a dictionary would look like this:

The body of the hooded crow is grey, and the wings, head and tail are black. The beak, legs and the eyes are almost black.

I’m no translator, but I think the second description makes more sense. I’ve left out the part about the length of the tail, because I haven’t got the faintest idea how to describe bird tails in English, and hardly in my own language.

A bit of prior knowledge on a subject is necessary to make up your mind about it. This is why I am of the opinion that knowledge is of the utmost importance. To own it, not just pick it from the internet when you need it. The internet is full of false information, both intentional and unintentional.

Knowledge is power, and I’m worried that we are entering a society where knowledge is frowned upon, and not for the right reasons.

Our responsibility is to keep giving knowledge to the next generation, and the next and the next. That’s all we have for now. We haven’t changed since humans left Africa, and I doubt we will change very much the next 50.000 years, unless something drastic happens.

The need for space and respect

From time to time, I’m pretend to be an actor/actress, and this spring is one of those times.

It’s just a small production with four performances, but for a week, around 50 people are living on top of eachother at the theatre. It can get quite intense, and we all have different needs for space and relaxation. Most of us have day jobs too. For me, it’s more or less work (let’s call it that) from 8 am until 11 pm.

The actors all share dressing rooms, so we have to give eachother space. I’m always trying my best not to be in the way. This time around, I was prepared. I bought a tool box and sorted all my essentials in it, so as not to spread all over the place, and to be able to have my own little corner. I found an empty seat the evening we moved in, and had everything ready for the next day. 

Next day came, and I find the seat is taken. Not only taken, but TAKEN. I will admit I’m not the calmest of persons, but i seriously don’t think I overdid anything. I told the persons involved that the seat was empty (as in totally empty, unlike the other three), and that’s why my things where there. Oh well. I lost. Or, I was told I was losing.

I left before I lost it.

Luckily, somebody had witnessed the whole thing, and I hadn’t just imagined the incident. It felt good, although I did move out eventually.

Today is dress rehersal. We have five days to go, and I’m still not quite comfortable. I’m in greater need of silence and personal space than usual, and I’m probably not the most happy and chatty of people this week.

I know I’m not everybody’s cup of tea, and I can be a bit much at times, but I don’t think I’ve ever been annoying in these situations. Unfortunately, I bear grudges. And I’m far more prone to tears than I would like.

The worst part is, that I keep wondering what I did wrong. And it’s making me bone tired and driving me mad.


My writing and a new hobby

My main reason for starting a blog back then, was to make myself write every day, how small and insignificant it may be. I kept my promise to myself for quite a while, actually. Sometimes, when I look back at my posts, I find myself being surprised by what I’ve written. Mostly because I keep quoting myself, saying “I’ve read it somewhere”.

Oh well.

These days my writing is mainly on paper, and in my mothertongue. I’m trying to write something useful, or interesting, or worthwhile. So far, it’s just tons of ideas and fragments scattered around. I’ve got at least four potential book ideas, in different genres and for different audiences. I like writing. Don’t know if people like my writing. That’s a whole different thing.

Lately, I’ve got a new hobby. Grammar and language.  Primarily in my own language, but also on a wider scale compared to other closely related languages, and also in other indo European languages. As of September this year I’ll probably be on my way towards a bachelor degree in language and litterature. I’m not quitting my day job, though, so it may take some time to actually get the degree.

It may have come across before that my current degrees are in civil engineering, and somehow, this feels like a step into something softer, or things I don’t have to work so hard to grip. I’m just learning new words, not how to construct a dome or a bridge or an oil rig. Let’s see how easy I think it is come December and exam. It’s been over a decade since last time.



Fuck you!

Yes, I mean you, Google, internet, and every bloody company, country and person who keeps track on me and everybody else!

Every time I visit a new site, I have to click a button to agree to surveillance. I still hope to see a button that says “Fuck you, no!”. I can’t be the only person in the world who think that it’s not okay to be tracked, even if I don’t do anything wrong or don’t have anything to hide.

I simply don’t want to be found.

Of course, being on the internet, occasionally blogging and generally hanging with my phone, I haven’t really done my job of I intended not to be found. But still.

Fuck you!

And by the way, I think the GDPR is doing something right’ish. I’m just not sure it’s enough. And I still can’t choose not to be tracked at all.


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