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Catch a man?

It’s hunting season.

How to catch a man who smells like forest and heather?

I’m wondering if a net in the woods would do the trick…


Happy painting

A smile from a friend. And we’re even closer to a finished room.

A form of freedom

First ride of the year. I haven’t had proper time, and the battery was out.

I giggled like a school girl inside my helmet.

Greetings from Longyearbyen…

… where probably no emu has been before. I’ve certainly never been this day north. Svalbard is situated midway between continental Norway and the North Pole. 

I was told that we’re too late to see the midnight sun, but this is how terrible dark it is at 22:07 pm:

It actually looks darker in the photo than in real life. 

This was my first view of Svalbard while waiting for my luggage at the airport. 

I found a reindeer while on the bus (hence the shabby quality of the photo). It’s hunting season, but hunting is prohibited in Longyearbyen  (I guess within the town limits), so this guy was not in any immediate danger:

Tomorrow I’m going on an ATV- safari, and I hope the weather is still on my side. I like it here so far. 

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

One of the hardest questions I have to answer is “What do you want for your birthday?”

What do I want? 

€100.000,-. Nobody can give me that. 

A handful of personal stuff in not going to name online. And it’s mostly up to me. Pity. 

World peace. I’m easy to please. 

Hurray, I’m getting older, and I mostly have what I need. 

Waving solar Queen…

…Equestrian version. Munich airport 😊

Bottled cordial 

I heated the sterile glass bottles for 30 minutes, 125°C;

Boiled the sifted cordial;

Put the bottles in a preheated sink; 

And ladled it into the bottles and capped them. 

Tastes sweet, flowery and nice! 
Next year I’m trying lilacs too 🙂

Bathroom guest


This is why I need to lock the bathroom door. A jump, and then a furry black paw presses in through the crack. 

Tonight she just wanted to hunt silverfish. 

It’s very much like having a precocious toddler around the house. Except she doesn’t need help to go potty, dress herself or go to bed. 

Rosebay willowherb cordial 

I’ve tried something new. 

My garden has quite a few rosebay willowherbs, and I have read about people making cordial from the flowers. I found a recipe and decided to try for myself. 

  • 150 g flowers 
  • 1 sliced lemon
  • 1 l water
  • 7 dl sugar

First of all, 150 g flowers are a lot! About two litres, actually. I picked 50 g  a couple of weeks ago, but I gave up because I’m a slow picker and the plants were not yet in full bloom. 50 g flowers in the freezer. 

Today I got a little help from my friend, and with the handful of flowers mum gave me earlier this week, we reached 150 g!

The bluest are the frozen ones, the pinkest are fresh. A sliced lemon is at the bottom of the glass roaster. 

Because of the next step, a roaster is essential. Boiling simple syrup is hot and you will need a suitable container for it. 

Next step: making simple syrup. 

1 l water, 7 dl sugar, heat and stir until all the sugar is dissolved. I let it boil for a couple of seconds before I took it off the heat and ladled it over the flowers and lemon. 

This is what it looked like. The smell reminds me of sugared tea with lemon. 

A couple of hours later, it had cooled enough to get a new home in the fridge. The colour is now this:

It’s supposed to stay in the fridge for five days before I filter out the flowers and the lemon. 

This is my first try, and I’m looking forward to the result. Looks good so far. 

I think I will use a couple of plastic bottles and freeze the cordial. Unless my brilliant brother comes up with a better plan of preservation 🙂

Will give a little update when I’ve tasted and hopefully bottled it. 


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