Night stroll

Before I start this post for real, I just have to say there are far too many spiders out and about at the moment. If only cigarettes scared them off… 😦

And I’ve changed my mind.
I will write another post when get home. This is my silent-night-walk-post, with the occasional picture and spontaneous musings.


It’s oh, so quiet! And beautiful, and warm. I like May. And walks in the park at night 🙂


I know, these are not pictures from the park. It’s pitch black in there, according to my phone camera.

I’m actually thinking how to best express my thoughts. Sometimes it seems that the raw material is the best after all, and yet, it has to be processed. At least go through the crop-colour adjust-thing I always do with my proper photos.

According to my rather allergic friend, the pine is having it off unusually early this year. Fortunately, I haven’t noticed, so I can tick of another thing I’m not allergic to. So far, I’m not allergic to anything.


I found hay and a rope! 🙂
Think I’m going to find a pony to pet. I know they are here somewhere.
Yup, found them. Too dark for pics, though.

And there was a dog running past me, nearly giving me a heart attack. Not what I was expecting!

I don’t let myself think so much these days. I’m not sure why, but it’s so easy to pick up something to read, play a quiz game in the phone, watch a movie or talk to somebody. It’s really a pity, because these quiet early night (midnight) strolls are so very soothing, and make me feel like me.



Darn, these beetles are hard to train! I only wanted to take its picture…


The cat is actually more cooperative.


And the snail. I won’t let that one walk on me, though. Sticky slime on that bugger. Or is it mucus?

I met the bigger badass brother of the uncooperative beetle. He was too black to get a good picture of, and I was not too keen to pick him up and carry him to a lamp post. You will just have to take my word. He was probably four cm from nose to tail. Doesn’t sound very much when I say it like that. But it’s a beetle!


I would like to include the scent, but I can’t. Smells like summer and bumblebees 🙂

And as my round is nearing it’s end; if I’m ever using the word “fag”, I’m always, always referring to a cigarette!

I don’t think I’m done processing the other post yet. Even if I’m capable of expressing the essence in one sentence, I want just a bit more…


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