Oh, the smell!


Christmas is just around the corner, and I was in a bit of a hurry to find a present for one of the younger ones on my nice-list.
What is more teenager-like than eau de toilette?
I had to try it on.
It had just the right scent when I sniffed the bottle, and, yeah, I didn’t think it would hurt.

Some may remember my trip on the school bus last October.

Well, I smell like a teenager!!
That’s freaking me out!

Puma Sync Woman is by no means a bad fragrance. I actually quite like it. It’s just so… much of it.
I like my perfumes to melt into me, be a part of me, and not just hang around not interacting with me.

Get my drift?

I’m going back to my regular perfume tomorrow.  Which I can’t really smell myself. Is that good or bad?
Maybe it’s time that somebody sniffed me, just to check that it’s actually still working?
I’ve been wearing it during winter for the last four years.


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