No panic in the car!

To be a responsible driver is also to know when to stop the car.

For instance, the other day, I was suddenly aware of a brown eighth-legged monster abbing down in. front of me. As I was driving at 100 km/h, panic was not what I needed. So, I slowed down and pulled off. The little bugger was close to the window, and I planned to get it out that way. But he had another brilliant idea. He made himself even smaller, and squeezed himself down in the stupid little corner if the window, marked with a red arrow on this photo:


Stupid, stupid bugger!
I rolled down the window, and up again. And I think I saw a brownish skid mark on the window. He might have died at that moment.

Fortunately, panic was avoided, and I didn’t do anything uncontrolled. It’s so much better to panic when the car isn’t moving! And far less dangerous.

I have been looking extra carefully after spiders when I’m in the car, but so far I haven’t even seen a trace of a web. Luckily!


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