“Where is internet?”

A whole office is having an extended coffee break.


Because the network decided to take a break. Along with the it-crowd. It probably thought it needed a holiday.

This is not uncommon. I know that computers are evil beings, who tends to have a physical or mental breakdown just before a bachelor/master thesis or any other project of major importance.

Or the printer isn’t feeling like printing today. It’s probably having it’s period again. Or maybe slight pms.

How on earth did we get us into this mess?

I’ve started to expect at least one day of trouble only the last three days before deadline.

I never ever had these problems when I wrote projects by hand.

Yes, I worked late nights and woke up with ink blotches on my chin, but at least I needed a shredder to get rid of the original.

My computer decided to eat my backup cds when I was working on my bachelor. Three years later, it decided to die midterm, and in the middle of my master. At least it had the decency to leave the hard drive unharmed.

I’m never going to fully trust this technology. It’s brilliant, but oh, so unpredictable at times.

Evil, I say.

I’m sure it has an evil laughter too!


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