Ctrl Alt ->

I’m kind of old fashion.

I like to read books on paper.

I think writing and drawing with pen on paper is excellent.

I think the safest way to record today’s news (and thus tomorrow’s history) is the old fashion way, that does not rely on a specific computer system. How many are able to get information from a Betamax video cassette today? Or a 5 1/4 floppy? I would guess only the ones who are really interested in such things. And I can’t imagine archeologists a thousand years from now will be able to read our precious usb-devices.


As I was saying, I’m kind of old fashion. I like to keep things the way they were. At least if the current version of something works in the way it’s supposed to work.

Ribbons in AutoCad is a pest. I fear the day when they totally remove the possibility to get rid of the ribbons and use toolbars only. It’s drawing closer. I’m attached to the toolbars.

I was quite certain that AutoDesk had removed the EXPLODE-button when I upgraded from AutoCad 2007 to 2009.
I didn’t understand that they only had made a new icon until some time after I upgraded to 2011.
What was wrong with the dynamite? It certainly says “EXPLODE” like nothing else.

And talking about AutoCad.

Drawing in AutoCad on a wide screen is not my favourite activity. In fact, the only thing I prefer a wide screen for is watching movies. And I’m not doing that too much on my computer. I’ve got a perfectly good television for that task.

These days, I’m using my home computer mostly for writing and reading.

Writing is OK on a wide screen. Reading is not. And that’s where the mysterious title of this post comes in.

To be able to read long texts properly, I press Ctrl + Alt + ->, and I can use my wide screen laptop as a book!
It looks kind of odd, but it’s oh so much better. Only problem is controlling the mouse pad. And writing sideways.
All in all, more positive than negative.

And I can postpone the need for a Galaxy Tab for at least half a year. I think.

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