A walk in the park

Not me. I didn’t have a walk in the park.

Einstein, Newton and Pascal went for a walk in the park.
Einstein got bored and wanted to play hide and seek, and the others agreed.
Einstein started out as seeker. 
Pascal found a very nice hiding place, but Newton just stood behind the still counting Einstein.
He took out a piece of chalk, and drew a square around himself, and waited for Einstein to shout “One hundred!”

“Aha! I found you, Newton” exclaimed Einstein when he turned around.

“Oh no, you didn’t” said Newton.
“You found one Newton per square meter, and thus, you found Pascal!”

Oh well. I must have been to the wrong university to sing most of the songs today.
I would like to sing my university’s anthem, but I’ll save it for later.
However, it is far to long since I’ve heard a good old science joke.
I really thought this one was brill.
I suddenly felt the urge to do a bit of truss analysis.


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