The enchanted world of fairytales


I love fairytales. In fact, I love anything written that had a sting to it. I’ve always loved it. As a kid, I borrowed scary books at the library, read them at the dead of night and was doing quite a lot of running from monsters in my sleep.

Some fairytales are more scary than others. Disney’s rendering of fairytales is not canon fairytales. They are the polished fluffy-pink-unicorn-version of fairytales.

Real fairytales have a certain seriousness and edge to them. Probably because they’re meant to be educational at some level.

I’ve been reading this book of fairytales from different parts of the world, and I came across a poem (or whatever you will call it) I had sort of forgotten. I don’t think it is political correct today. It might frighten children to eat their soup. And we all know that’s bad, don’t we?


When did children become so sensitive?


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