Protecting the people against themselves

Tobacco companies lose Australian court case.

I know tobacco is bad for you.
I know that many people really, really hate smoking.

However, I do not agree to the increasingly strict tobacco policy.
Like wanting to ban smoking in public (even if public means in a national park, far from anything or anybody), or even in your own house.

I know a lot of people find smoking disgusting, and even offencive.
Many are allergic to smoke, and that’s no laughing matter.
What gets to me, is the argument about polluting the city with cigarette smoke.
It might be because I don’t have a problem with tobacco smoke at all (unless I’m in a bar, and you can cut the smoke with a knife. And the last time that occured to me was actually ten years ago.).
My main problem is actually the car exhaust. Mostly old diesel trucks or buses. I get a severe headache, and start to feel queezy. I don’t know if it’s because of the smell or the actual fumes.

Anyway, the amount of tobacco particles in the city air is minimal compared to all the other pollution, so I think (not politically correct, I know) that the problem is something else. We have all learned how terrible tobacco is, we know it’s causing cancer, and is all around just  *blahrg*.

Sometimes I feel I’m the only non-smoker around not offended by smokers.
In fact, I get so annoyed by the anti-tobacco-commercials that I would like to smoke. Just to spite.

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