A near-Apple-experience…

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve put away my smartphone.

I’m also quite addicted to music, and I’ve always loved to carry it around with me. The combination mp3-player and phone is nice, but my favourite phone, Sony Ericsson didn’t provide a phone with mini jack before it was too late for me. Thus my smartphone stepped brilliantly up to the task as my multimedia machine. And battery power sunk like a brick.

My favourite mp3-players are those really simple ones, just plug and play. No firmware, just file manager.

Well, I’ve had two Creative players before, Zen V and Zen X Fi-2. The X Fi-2 was bought in a rush of iPhone envy, as I wanted to play games on my mp3-player too. Bad choice. I never clicked with this one.

The other day a friend of me showed me her brand new iPod Nano.  And it is so shiny, so tiny and all around pretty. Actually. It hurts.

Then the internet search began. I think mp3-players might be a bit outdated, if I’m perfectly honest. At least there is hardly anything besides Apple that sells.  And my eyes fell on the Creative Zen Style M300. It seemed quite slim, small and all around quite nice. And with a micro SD slot!

Off to the store to get first hand experience. And my fall was great. So great that I almost sinned. Yes, it’s rather small, but it’s plain butt ugly compared to the Nano. It has practicly no screen, and a really crappy one aswell. But it is plug and play. 8 GB, with possibility of inserting a micro SD card with 32 GB.

Oh the agony.

The Nano, shiny, intuitive, a designer’s dream – and full of Apple.
The M300, ugly, sensible, and plays music.

Okay, I admit, there are quite a lot of things I like about Apple products. I just don’t buy the whole package. And I don’t want to either.

I’m not too fond of Microsoft either, but that’s what I’ve learned my whole life. I can fix almost anything I set my mind to.

My favourite OS is by far Linux Mint, but due to my lack of time, I couldn’t be bothered with finding out how to make it work exactly like I wanted it to. And I was in desperate need of AutoCad and Photoshop. GIMP is all right, but it’s still not Photoshop… Which brings me back to topic.

People say it’s a matter of choosing with your mind or with your heart. What to do when your heart is totally divided and your mind has gone wandering off somewhere out of sight?
I grabbed the nearest assistant, and poured out my frustrations. And he said: “I think you should go for the Creative…”

And so I did. Though, I went for the M100 instead of M300. Don’t need bluetooth and fm radio.

All the way home I ranted about how ugly my new thingy was.

I plugged in my computer – drag and drop – all my music, called him Micro Midas, plugged in my faithful Bose headset, and drifted away.

He is not butt ugly after all. He is a quite nice mp3-player. And my heart is safe.

And Apple hasn’t caught me yet. But it was terribly close this time…


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