Human cruelty

What is wrong with the human race?
I was just watching something about Easter the other day, and when I saw the whipping and the crucifixion, all I could think about was just how cruel mankind is to have come up with this kind of torture. Any kind of torture, in fact.

At my bedside table, I’ve got a very interesting book, but it is oh, so cruel. It is called Criminal Justice Through The Ages.

 I bought it as a souvernir from the Medieval Crime Museum in Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

It describes a great variety of punishments.

I’ve always wondered how breaking at the weel was executed. My quite innocent mind didn’t find out how this was done.

This book gives the answer. At least to one of the methods.




You take one criminal, place him (or perhaps her) spreadeagle on for instance this St. Andrew’s cross:

And then you smash his limbs, one by one. The neck first, if his crime wasn’t that heinous. Otherwhise, you start at the feet.

At last, you can intwine his mangled limbs in the wheel, and stick it on a stake  for the birds to peck. Or something. The criminal might still be alive.

Who in their right mind comes up with something like this??

I can’t even watch America’s Funniest Home Videos because of all the innocent blows  they show!

I would like to say the world has become a better place, that human kind actually is kinder than it used to be. But I’m really not sure.

Here’s a happy little punk pony, to brighten the mood:


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