A bit more of Longyearbyen

Going down to the university and museum

Inside the museum

At the Govenor’s

Enjoying the view

And lots and lots of stone

I loved it and would very much like to come back. Maybe during winter and go hunting the borealis.

(A/N This was supposed to be posted on September 5th. That didn’t happen)


Public Etch A Sketch III

It’s back! After a year and a half.

And all I have to do is wait for the eraser.

«Centre Practice for Balance | Lazy Dancer Tips» på YouTube

This is for you, my brother. I know you watch my blog!

Have fun and keep your balance☺

Catch a man?

It’s hunting season.

How to catch a man who smells like forest and heather?

I’m wondering if a net in the woods would do the trick…

Happy painting

A smile from a friend. And we’re even closer to a finished room.

A form of freedom

First ride of the year. I haven’t had proper time, and the battery was out.

I giggled like a school girl inside my helmet.

Greetings from Longyearbyen…

… where probably no emu has been before. I’ve certainly never been this day north. Svalbard is situated midway between continental Norway and the North Pole. 

I was told that we’re too late to see the midnight sun, but this is how terrible dark it is at 22:07 pm:

It actually looks darker in the photo than in real life. 

This was my first view of Svalbard while waiting for my luggage at the airport. 

I found a reindeer while on the bus (hence the shabby quality of the photo). It’s hunting season, but hunting is prohibited in Longyearbyen  (I guess within the town limits), so this guy was not in any immediate danger:

Tomorrow I’m going on an ATV- safari, and I hope the weather is still on my side. I like it here so far. 

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

One of the hardest questions I have to answer is “What do you want for your birthday?”

What do I want? 

€100.000,-. Nobody can give me that. 

A handful of personal stuff in not going to name online. And it’s mostly up to me. Pity. 

World peace. I’m easy to please. 

Hurray, I’m getting older, and I mostly have what I need. 

Waving solar Queen…

…Equestrian version. Munich airport 😊


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