Glimpses of Norway

I’m still on holiday, and these photos are glimpses of places I’ve been the last week.

Røros, copper mines

Røros, copper mines

Somewhere along the coast in Trøndelag or Nordland

The Petter Dass museum and Alstadhaug church

Nidarosdomen (cathedral), Trondheim


Ridderspranget, river and cliff in Oppland

I must say, I understand why Norway is a popular country to visit, especially if you’re fond of nature. It’s very versatile, and you get all kinds of terrain and weather. Depending on where you go, of course, but if you do like me and drive a car around the country, you can really get it all! It just takes a bit of time.


Mosjøen, Norway

I’m on holiday, and this year it’s a trip around Norway. Not all the way up north, but far enough to almost see the midnight sun. Today, I’m in Mosjøen, and have taken the via ferrata up and the zip-line down.

Once I overcame the shame of being the last of the group all the time, I had a really nice trip. I’ve never climbed mountains, and it was tough enough to feel the very strong urge to be careful, yet fairly easy to ascend. I don’t think I would let just any 12-year-old up there. My legs were total jelly by the time we got to the zipline, and it didn’t really feel scary riding it. I’m always scared stiff when I’m supposed to jump from high up (well…depends on the situation), but I just had to sit down, and not jump. I think that made the difference. And the altitude I’d descended from.

I’ve apparently used my shins quite a lot during the climb. I’m peppered with various bruises, and I guess I’ll look gorgeous in shorts.

Facts of life XXVIII

Sometimes the first try is all you need, even if it isn’t perfect. It might be just the kind of un-perfect you need.

I need to shut up :(

No wonder I’m not a better.

On the bright side, I’ve had mint ice cream today, and I’ve bought two new trousers, for hunting or trekking or both.

Two days until the holidays start. Hope I’ll be done in time. I can’t decide if I’m terribly behind or just end-of-work-period-stressing.

Why, oh why??

I really don’t know why I watch football. It’s 90 minutes of constant agony, and somehow, I fail to be on the winning side in championships.

So, my hope is that Sweden wins the whole shebang. And USA doesn’t. Most of all, I don’t want USA to win.

Easy dinner

I’m not sure if I’ve committed a grave ramen crime or just made a perfectly decent meal.

I’ve never cooked bacon in the micro oven before…

Back from work

There is road work everywhere. Even on my street. I can hear them work, and I can smell the asphalt.

Inside, I’m reading, trying to find out how to get Wi-Fi and the touchpad to work.

Linux Mint 19.1, 4.15 kernel, Lenovo V145. Tips, anyone?

Meanwhile, I’ve made myself scrambled eggs. Usually I make them with salt and chives only, but I felt like being adventurous.

Wild garlic (dried) and some sort of salt ‘n’ peppa with lemon and herbs.

Tastes nice, but I prefer the colour without pepper. And the taste of fresh chives. Maybe fresh wild garlic is better? I haven’t got any…

And thanks to the Linux Mint forum, my new computer is working just fine 😀


Why is it that I can’t stop thinking when I’m supposed to sleep?

It’s not even thinking I can organise. It’s more like an everlasting buzz of noise and feelings that won’t settle and leave me peaceful and ready for slumber.

If I only knew what would stop this brain activity!

And the trouble is…

…my brother!

He even told me I had a new blog post if he was right.

While I was out looking for an usb- stick, he was testing out stuff. Stuff that apparently didn’t deal very well with formatting and installation.

Now I have to find a way to connect to Wi-Fi and to get the touch pad going, but that’ll have to be tomorrow.

At least Windows is gone.


I’ve never had a more stubborn Windows on my computer than Win10! I can’t find out how to erase it entirely. Or halfway.

Never before have I not been able to change operating system within an hour of making the usb-stick.

I’m at my wits’ end, and I don’t know what to do. Argh!

I can’t even understand what the problem is.

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